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Color Identity: White, Blue


  1. All permanents on the battlefield
  2. You control a creature and/or a land that can tap to produce (5 magic symbol)  


  1. Activate Teferi's first loyalty ability, untapping The Chain Veil, and the creature and/or land that can produce (5 magic symbol)  
  2. Activate the creature and/or land by tapping it, adding (5 magic symbol)  
  3. Activate The Chain Veil by paying (4 magic symbol)   and tapping it, allowing each Planeswalker to activate their loyalty abilities an extra time this turn
  4. Repeat


  1. Infinite mana
  2. Infinite tap triggers
  3. Infinite untap triggers
  4. Infinite activations of loyalty abilities of all other Planeswalkers you control