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Color Identity: Colorless


  1. All permanents on the battlefield


  1. Activate Ashnod's Altar sacrificing Triplicate Titan to add (c magic symbol)   (c magic symbol)  
  2. Nim Deathmantle and Triplicate Titan trigger
  3. Resolve the Triplicate Titan trigger, creating three Golem artifact creature tokens
  4. Activate Ashnod's Altar, sacrificing one of the artifact creature tokens to add (c magic symbol)   (c magic symbol)  
  5. Resolve the Nim Deathmantle trigger, paying (4 magic symbol)   to return Triplicate Titan to the battlefield with Nim Deathmantle attached to it
  6. Repeat


  1. Infinite creature tokens
  2. Infinite colorless mana
  3. Infinite ETB
  4. Infinite LTB
  5. Infinite death triggers
  6. Infinite sacrifice triggers