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Color Identity: Black, Green


  1. Protean Hulk on the battlefield with a way to kill it
  2. Rest in deck


  1. Kill Protean Hulk, activating its ability and placing Viscera Seer, Melira, Lesser Masticore, and Disciple of the Vault on the battlefield
  2. Sacrifice Lesser Masticore to Viscera Seer, triggering Disciple of the Vault's ability and causing an opponent to lose 1 life
  3. Lesser Masticore's persist ability activates, bringing it back to the battlefield without a -1/-1 counter due to Melira's ability
  4. Repeat


  1. Infinite ETB
  2. Infinite death triggers
  3. Infinite lifeloss for opponents
  4. Infinite LTB


  1. In 1716 decks according to EDHREC.