Color Identity: R, G, W


  1.  All permanents on the battlefield.
  2. You control at least six creatures that can attack this turn.
  3. An opponent cannot block and kill creatures you control.


  1. Declare at least six creatures you control as attackers.
  2. Ghalta and Mavren
    Ghalta and Mavren
    triggers, creating at least six 1/1 Vampire creature tokens.
  3. Move to your postcombat main phase.
  4. Activate
    five times by sacrificing five Vampires, adding ({3} magic symbol)  ({R} magic symbol)  ({R} magic symbol)  .
  5. Activate
    Aggravated Assault
    Aggravated Assault
    by paying ({3} magic symbol)  ({R} magic symbol)  ({R} magic symbol)  , causing you to untap all creatures you control and to get an additional combat and main phase after this one.
  6. Repeat.


  1. Infinite colored mana.
  2. Infinite combat phases.
  3. Infinite creature tokens.
  4. Infinite death triggers.
  5. Infinite ETB.
  6. Infinite LTB.
  7. Infinite sacrifice triggers.
  8. Infinite untap of creatures you control.


  1. In 0 decks according to EDHREC.