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Color Identity: Blue, Black, Red, Green


  1. Slaughter Pact in hand
  2. All permanents on the battlefield


  1. Cast Slaughter Pact, choosing to pay its replicate cost at least ten times per opponent you have, by paying a total of (0 magic symbol)   , targeting Venerated Rotpriest
  2. Venerated Rotpriest and Slaughter Pact's replicate ability trigger
  3. Resolve the Slaughter Pact trigger, creating a copy for each time its replicate cost was paid, with each copy targeting Venerated Rotpriest
  4. Venerated Rotpriest triggers for each copy targeting it this way
  5. Resolve the first Venerated Rotpriest trigger, causing an opponent to get a poison counter
  6. Repeat step 5 until the opponent loses the game due to having ten poison counters
  7. Repeat from step 5 for each remaining opponent


  1. Each opponent loses the game
  2. Infinite magecraft triggers


  1. In 1 deck according to EDHREC.