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Color Identity: Black, Red


  1. Savage Beating in your graveyard
  2. Magar on the battlefield
  3. An opponent is unable to block and kill creatures you control
  4. (1 magic symbol)   (B magic symbol)   (R magic symbol)   available on your first turn


  1. Activate Magar by paying (1 magic symbol)   (B magic symbol)   (R magic symbol)   , noting Savage Beating and putting it face down as a 3/3 creature
  2. On any other turn, deal combat damage to an opponent with the face down creature
  3. The face down creature triggers, causing you to cast a copy of Savage Beating without paying its mana cost
  4. Resolve the copy of Savage Beating, causing you to untap all creatures you control and to get an additional combat phase after this one
  5. Repeat from step 2


  1. Infinite combat phases
  2. Infinite combat damage
  3. Infinite storm count
  4. Infinite magecraft triggers
  5. Infinite untap of creatures you control


  1. In 421 decks according to EDHREC.