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Color Identity: Black, Green


  1. Marut in hand
  2. All other permanents on the battlefield
  3. You control at least eight Treasures
  4. You control a basic Forest


  1. Activate eight Treasures you control by tapping and sacrificing them, adding (8 magic symbol)  
  2. Cast Marut by paying (8 magic symbol)  
  3. Marut enters the battlefield, creating eight Treasure tokens and eight 1/1 Squirrel creature tokens
  4. Activate Earthcraft by tapping a creature, untapping a basic Forest
  5. Activate the basic Forest by tapping it, adding (G magic symbol)  
  6. Repeat from step 4 one additional time
  7. Activate Temur Sabertooth by paying (1 magic symbol)   (G magic symbol)   , returning Marut from the battlefield to your hand
  8. Repeat


  1. Infinite creature tokens
  2. Infinite mana basic lands you control can produce
  3. Infinite ETB
  4. Infinite LTB
  5. Infinite storm count