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Color Identity: Green, White, Blue


  1. Lagrella in hand or in the command zone
  2. All other permanents on the battlefield
  3. (G magic symbol)   (W magic symbol)   (U magic symbol)   available plus enough mana to pay for commander tax, if applicable


  1. Cast Lagrella by paying (G magic symbol)   (W magic symbol)   (U magic symbol)   and commander tax, if applicable
  2. Lagrella enters the battlefield, exiling Karmic Guide
  3. Activate Ashnod's Altar by sacrificing Lagrella, adding (C magic symbol)   (C magic symbol)  
  4. If Lagrella is your commander, choose not to return it to the command zone
  5. Lagrella leaves the battlefield, causing Karmic Guide to be returned to the battlefield from exile
  6. Karmic Guide enters the battlefield, triggering itself and Lagrella
  7. Resolve the Lagrella trigger, putting two +1/+1 counters on Karmic Guide
  8. Resolve the Karmic Guide trigger, returning Lagrella from your graveyard to the battlefield
  9. Repeat from step 2


  1. Infinite colorless mana
  2. Infinite ETB
  3. Infinite LTB
  4. Infinite death triggers
  5. Infinite sacrifice triggers


  1. In 6 decks according to EDHREC.