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Color Identity: Red, Green, White


  1. All permanents on the battlefield
  2. Your opponents are unable to block and kill any of your creatures


  1. Move to your combat step
  2. Attack with Delina, Ghired, and all Combat Celebrants you control, exerting any Combat Celebrants that can be exerted
  3. Delina, Ghired, and any Combat Celebrants you exerted trigger
  4. Resolve the Delina trigger, creating at least one token copy of Combat Celebrant that is tapped and attacking
  5. Resolve the Ghired trigger, making a token copy of a Combat Celebrant token you control that is tapped and attacking
  6. Resolve any Combat Celebrant triggers, untapping all other creatures you control and giving you an additional combat phase
  7. At end of combat, Delina triggers, exiling any token copy of Combat Celebrant that it created
  8. Repeat


  1. Infinite combat steps
  2. Infinite creature tokens with haste
  3. Infinite ETB triggers
  4. Infinite LTB triggers