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Color Identity: Black


  1. Myr Battlesphere in your graveyard
  2. All other permanents on the battlefield
  3. Vat of Rebirth has at least four oil counters on it
  4. (2 magic symbol)   (B magic symbol)   available


  1. Activate Vat of Rebirth by paying (2 magic symbol)   (B magic symbol)   , tapping it and removing four oil counters from it, returning Myr Battlesphere from your graveyard to the battlefield
  2. Myr Battlesphere enters the battlefield, creating four 1/1 Myr artifact creature tokens
  3. Activate Phyrexian Altar four times by sacrificing Myr Battlesphere and three Myr tokens, adding (3 magic symbol)   (B magic symbol)  
  4. Myr Battlesphere and the Myrs die, triggering Vat of Rebirth and Dross Scorpion four times
  5. Resolve all Dross Scorpion triggers, untapping Vat of Rebirth and up to three other artifacts you control
  6. Resolve all Vat of Rebirth triggers, putting four oil counters on it
  7. Repeat


  1. Infinite creature tokens
  2. Infinite colored mana
  3. Infinite oil counters on Vat of Rebirth
  4. Infinite ETB
  5. Infinite LTB
  6. Infinite death triggers
  7. Infinite sacrifice triggers
  8. Infinite untap of artifacts you control