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Color Identity: Blue


  1. All permanents on the battlefield


  1. Activate Chromatic Orrery's first ability by tapping it, adding (5 magic symbol)  
  2. Activate Clock of Omens by tapping Depth-Charge Colossus and Staff of Domination, untapping Chromatic Orrery
  3. Activate Staff of Domination's first ability by paying (1 magic symbol)   , untapping it
  4. Activate Depth-Charge Colossus by paying (3 magic symbol)   , untapping it
  5. Repeat
  6. Once you have infinite mana, you may use it to activate Staff of Domination's other abilities


  1. Infinite colored mana
  2. Infinite colorless mana
  3. Infinite lifegain
  4. Infinite lifegain triggers
  5. Infinite card draw
  6. Infinite draw triggers
  7. Infinite untap of artifacts you control


  1. In 1 deck according to EDHREC.