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Color Identity: Green


  1. New Frontiers in hand
  2. All permanents on the battlefield
  3. You have at least ten Gates with different names in your library or on the battlefield under your control
  4. (12 magic symbol)   (G magic symbol)   available minus (1 magic symbol)   for each unique Gate you control


  1. Cast New Horizons by paying (9 magic symbol)   (G magic symbol)   minus (1 magic symbol)   for each unqiue Gate you control
  2. Resolve New Horizons, causing you to search your library for that many Gate cards and put them onto the battlefield tapped, and allowing each opponent to do the same for basic lands
  3. Activate Maze's End's second ability by paying (3 magic symbol)   , tapping it and returning it from the battlefield to your hand, searching your library for a Gate, putting it onto the battlefield and causing you to win the game


  1. Win the game


  1. In 2 decks according to EDHREC.