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Color Identity: Blue


  1. All permanents on the battlefield


  1. Activate Myr Turbine's first ability by tapping it, creating a 1/1 Myr artifact creature token
  2. The Myr enters the battlefield, triggering Symmetry Matrix
  3. Holding priority, activate Phyrexian Altar by sacrificing the Myr, adding (1 magic symbol)  
  4. Resolve the Symmetry Matrix ability, causing you to pay (1 magic symbol)   to draw a card
  5. Activate Mind over Matter by discarding a card, untapping Myr Turbine
  6. Repeat


  1. Infinite looting
  2. Infinite draw triggers
  3. Infinite self-discard triggers
  4. Near-infinite ETB
  5. Near-infinite LTB
  6. Near-infinite death triggers
  7. Near-infinite sacrifice triggers