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Color Identity: Blue, Red


  1. Whim of Volrath in hand
  2. All permanents on the battlefield
  3. (2 magic symbol)   (U magic symbol)   available


  1. Cast Whim of Volrath with buyback by paying (2 magic symbol)   (U magic symbol)  
  2. Third Path Iconoclast and Storm-Kiln Artist trigger
  3. Resolve the Third Path Iconoclast trigger, creating a 1/1 Soldier artifact creature token
  4. Resolve the Storm-Kiln Artist trigger, creating a Treasure token
  5. Resolve Whim of Volrath, returning it to your hand
  6. Activate Krark-Clan Ironworks by sacrificing the Soldier, adding (C magic symbol)   (C magic symbol)  
  7. Activate the Treasure token by tapping and sacrificing it, adding (U magic symbol)  
  8. Repeat


  1. Infinite ETB
  2. Infinite LTB
  3. Infinite death triggers
  4. Infinite sacrifice triggers
  5. Infinite storm count
  6. Infinite magecraft triggers