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Color Identity: Blue, Red


  1. Flow of Knowledge in hand
  2. All permanents on the battlefield
  3. Dual Casting attached to a creature you control without summoning sickness
  4. You control at least five Islands
  5. You control a permanent that can tap to produce at least (R magic symbol)  
  6. (4 magic symbol)   (U magic symbol)   available


  1. Cast Flow of Knowledge by paying (4 magic symbol)   (U magic symbol)  
  2. Holding priority, activate a mana-producing permanent by tapping it, adding at least (R magic symbol)  
  3. Activate the creature with Dual Casting attached by paying (R magic symbol)   and tapping it, copying Flow of Knowledge
  4. Resolve the copy of Flow of Knowledge, causing you to draw five cards and discard two cards
  5. Activate Mind over Matter twice by discarding two cards, untapping the creature with Dual Casting attached and the mana-producing permanent
  6. Repeat from step 2


  1. Infinite card draw
  2. Infinite looting
  3. Infinite draw triggers
  4. Infinite self-discard triggers
  5. Near-infinite mana permanents you control can produce
  6. Near-infinite magecraft triggers