Color Identity: u, r


  1.  All permanents on the battlefield.
  2. Skitterbeam Batallion in hand.You control at least nine artifacts.


  1. Cast Skitterbeam Batallion by paying ({0} magic symbol)  .
  2. Skitterbeam Batallion enters the battlefield, creating two token copies of it.
  3. Activate
    Phyrexian Altar
    Phyrexian Altar
    twice by sacrificing the two Skitterbeam Batallion tokens, adding ({1} magic symbol)  ({U} magic symbol)  .
  4. Activate
    Drafna, Founder of Lat-Nam
    's first ability by paying ({1} magic symbol)  ({U} magic symbol)  , returning Skitterbeam Batallion from the battlefield to your hand.
  5. Repeat.


  1. Infinite LTB.
  2. Infinite ETB.
  3. Infinite sacrifice triggers.
  4. Infinite death triggers.
  5. Infinite storm count.