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Color Identity: Green, Blue, Red


  1. Irenicus's Vile Duplication in hand
  2. All permanents on the battlefield
  3. You control at least one additional token
  4. (3 magic symbol)   (U magic symbol)   available


  1. Cast Irenicus's Vile Duplication by paying (3 magic symbol)   (U magic symbol)   , creating a token copy of Biovisionary
  2. At the beginning of your combat phase, Brudiclad triggers, creating a 2/1 Myr creature token, then choosing to have all tokens you control become copies of the Biovisionary token
  3. At the beginning of your end step, each Biovisionary triggers
  4. Resolve the first Biovisionary trigger, causing you to win the game


  1. Win the game


  1. In 9 decks according to EDHREC.