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Color Identity: Red, Green


  1. Wurmcalling in hand
  2. All permanents on the battlefield
  3. Viridian Joiner does not have summoning sickness
  4. At most (5 magic symbol)   (G magic symbol)   available, depending on Viridian Joiner's power


  1. Activate Viridian Joiner by tapping it, adding an amount of (G magic symbol)   equal to its power
  2. Cast Wurmcalling with buyback by paying a total of at least (5 magic symbol)   (G magic symbol)   (G magic symbol)  
  3. Raggadragga's third ability triggers, giving Viridian Joiner +7/+7 until end of turn and untapping Viridian Joiner
  4. Resolve Wurmcalling, creating a Wurm creature token and returning Wurmcalling to your hand
  5. Repeat


  1. Infinite creature tokens
  2. Infinite green mana
  3. Infinitely large creatures until end of turn
  4. Infinite ETB
  5. Infinite storm count
  6. Infinite magecraft triggers