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Color Identity: Red, White


  1. All permanents on the battlefield
  2. You control at least two creatures that can attack this turn
  3. You have at least two opponents


  1. Declare at least two creatures you control as attackers, attacking at least two opponents
  2. Liara triggers, causing all spells you cast from exile this turn to cost at least (2 magic symbol)   less, and exiling at least two cards from the top of your library and allowing you to play them this turn
  3. Move to your post-combat main phase
  4. Activate Ashnod's Altar by sacrificing Eternal Scourge, adding (C magic symbol)   (C magic symbol)  
  5. Mimic Vat triggers, exiling Eternal Scourge from your graveyard
  6. Cast Eternal Scourge from exile by paying (1 magic symbol)  
  7. Repeat from step 4


  1. Infinite colorless mana
  2. Infinite ETB
  3. Infinite LTB
  4. Infinite death triggers
  5. Infinite sacrifice triggers
  6. Infinite storm count