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Color Identity: Colorless


  1. All permanents on the battlefield
  2. You have a way to cause Unlicensed Hearse to become a creature this turn
  3. Unlicensed Hearse does not have summoning sickness
  4. (4 magic symbol)   available


  1. Cause Unlicensed Hearse to become a creature
  2. Activate Thornbite Staff's equip ability by paying (4 magic symbol)   , attaching it to Unlicensed Hearse
  3. Activate Ashnod's Altar by sacrificing Eternal Scourge, adding (C magic symbol)   (C magic symbol)  
  4. Eternal Scourge dies, triggering Unlicensed Hearse, untapping Unlicensed Hearse
  5. Activate Unlicensed Hearse by tapping it, exiling Eternal Scourge from your graveyard
  6. Cast Eternal Scourge from exile by paying (1 magic symbol)  
  7. Repeat from step 3


  1. Infinite colorless mana
  2. Infinite ETB
  3. Infinite LTB
  4. Infinite death triggers
  5. Infinite sacrifice triggers
  6. Infinite storm count