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Color Identity: Red, White


  1. All permanents on the battlefield
  2. Jaxis does not have summoning sickness
  3. You have at least one card in hand
  4. (R magic symbol)   available


  1. Activate Jaxis by paying (R magic symbol)   , tapping it and discarding a card, creating a token copy of Sparring Mummy with haste
  2. The Sparring Mummy token enters the battlefield, untapping Jaxis
  3. Activate Phyrexian Altar by sacrificing the Sparring Mummy token, adding (R magic symbol)  
  4. The Sparring Mummy token dies, causing you to draw a card
  5. Repeat


  1. Infinite looting
  2. Infinite draw triggers
  3. Infinite self-discard triggers
  4. Near-infinite ETB
  5. Near-infinite LTB
  6. Near-infinite death triggers
  7. Near-infinite sacrifice triggers