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Color Identity: Green, White, Blue, Black


  1. Saw in Half in hand
  2. All permanents on the battlefield
  3. Kaya has at least two loyalty counters
  4. (2 magic symbol)   (B magic symbol)   available


  1. Activate Kaya's second ability by removing two loyalty counters from it, causing you to create twice as many tokens this turn
  2. Cast Saw in Half by paying (2 magic symbol)   (B magic symbol)   , destroying Biovisionary and creating four token copies of it with base power equal to half the destroyed creature's power and base toughness equal to half the destroyed creature's toughness, rounding up each time
  3. End your turn
  4. All the Biovisionaries trigger
  5. Resolve the first Biovisionary trigger, winning the game


  1. Win the game